Genuine Black Forest ham is charismatic – anyone who has ever tasted it will henceforth be able to recognise it with closed eyes: the deliciously-aromatic flavour is absolutely unique. Just as typical is the special colour, created by the smoking – one of various stages of production that include:

  • trimming well-chosen raw pork ham,
  • salting it by hand,
  • seasoning it with various spices,
  • curing it in fresh mountain air,
  • smoking it with the help of Black Forest fir tree wood and
  • maturing for some additional weeks.

There is another special characteristic for this delicacy: only one specialty coming from this region may bear the protected name of “Black Forest Schinken”.

ADLER has been creating and producing various delicacies for a century, from famous varieties of ham to delicious sausages, bacon and high quality convenience food. We plan to introduce other delicious products to our US customers in the future.



As typical as the cuckoo clock: genuine ADLER Black Forest Ham

In the 1950s, ADLER made a regional specialty famous, which today has become renowned across the entire world: Black Forest ham.

Chosen for quality: the meat

ADLER BLACK FOREST SCHINKEN is produced with carefully selected pork meat which meets the highest standards. The meat is hand salted and seasoned with various authentic spices for an unparalleled taste.

Smoking adds the flavor of the forest

Our famous ham is smoked with a mixture of green pine twigs, sawdust and wood chips made from Black Forest fir trees. During this three-week smoking period, the Schinken develops its typical smoky flavor and rich, deep color.

Curing is the extra you can taste

Unlike the official regulations for the production of Black Forest Schinken demanding 12 weeks of curing, ADLER allows its Schinken to cure for far more than 12 weeks. This additional curing time perfects the Schinken’s characteristic aroma and guarantees a Black Forest Schinken of highest quality.

Choose from two variants

ADLER Black Forest Schinken is sold with or without the rind. The very fine, fatty rind serves as both a flavor enhancer and as a protective barrier to prevent the Black Forest ham from drying out too fast.

You can purchase ADLER Black Forest Schinken per piece, sliced, with or without rind. It has a long shelf life if stored correctly.

Depending on the nature and cut, the shelf life is at between approx. 33 and 83 days when stored at + 4°C – + 18° C.


Tips for your enjoyment

Rustic Ham-Toast
Delicious basis for savory toasts or baguettes, for example with fresh tomatoes and cheese or with tomatoes, herbs and olives. It is also really delicious with anchovies, capers and green lettuce.

Alsatian Tarte Flambée
To ensure that the original tarte flambée gets its really hearty taste, we recommend you put onions, Crème fraîche and strips of ADLER ham on the dough. The strips of ham are also ideally suited for pizza and quiche Lorraine.

Black Forest ham with Rösti and Avocado
Sprinkle some lemon juice on the slices of avocado. Place some avocado and Black Forest ham on the freshly baked Rösti, while it is still in the form. Garnish with fine dabs of Crème fraîche. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper according to taste.