Adler Badischer Sauerbraten

– A Black Forest delicacy –

This speciality was traditionally regarded as the classic Sunday roast for a family meal. For your enjoyment, we now prepare the Sauerbraten ready to eat. An especially lean piece of beef is steeped for several days in a stock made according to our own recipe and then slow-cooked in gravy in a pouch.

The dish is easy to prepare at home: place the sealed pouch in hot water (70-80 °C) and heat for approx. 45 minutes. Remove from the pouch and carve the meat. Suitable side dishes include dumplings, noodles or spaetzle together with red cabbage and fresh green salad. Here in the Black Forest there is a tradition of serving the dish with cranberry poached pears – a delightful sweet and sour combination!

Adler Sauerbraten is sold in a pouch for cooking.