Adler Baden Sauerbraten

– The Black Forest delicacy –

For a long time, this specialty was considered the classic Sunday roast for the family. For you we have prepared the traditional Sauerbraten ready to eat. For this purpose, a particularly lean piece of beef is pickled for several days in a decoction according to our house recipe and gently slow-cooked in a bag together with gravy.

The preparation at your home is very simple: let it steep in hot water (70-80°C) in the sealed bag for approx. 45 min. Cut the warm roast into slices. As a side dish, dumplings, noodles or spaetzle are suitable together with red cabbage and fresh green salad. We in the Black Forest traditionally eat cranberry pears with it – a wonderful sweet and sour taste experience!

You will receive the Sauerbraten in a cooking bag.