The Black Forest
An idyll with mighty fir forests, romantic mountain ranges and picturesque lakes – this is our home. As one of the most beautiful and versatile vacation regions in Germany, the Black Forest is a true soul landscape with unique recreational experiences for young and old. It has shaped us for generations. Its trees, its originality and its uniqueness give us strength – it is our haven of peace. During a walk in the forest we find our center and even lower our pulse. Thus, the Black Forest is not only home for us, it is our heart. It has made us what we are. Not only Bollenhut, Kirschtorte and cuckoo clock belong to the Black Forest, but also the excellent cuisine.

High-quality raw products for exquisite delicacies
The fact that there is a high density of renowned restaurants here is, of course, also due to the exceptionally good quality of the raw products that grow and thrive here. Fruit and wine from the Rhine plain, berries, mushrooms and game from the lush forests. And especially: aromatic, dried and smoked meat matured in the Upper Black Forest under climatically favorable conditions.

Refined with Black Forest wood
To refine and enhance the wide variety of meat dishes created here, our local forests provide the perfect basis: natural smoke flavors from Black Forest coniferous woods. This is unique – and waiting to be discovered by you. So if you are traveling in the Black Forest soon, you should visit us! Combine your vacation with a visit to ADLER and discover the whole variety of Black Forest flavors! We look forward to seeing you!


At our company, internal quality assurance already begins with incoming goods. We have developed a systematic and standardized process that is supported by independent laboratories and experts. In this way, we ensure at all times that our operations meet the strict certification norms of current standards.

We deliver what we promise
Peace of mind and care are of paramount importance to us. And this is exactly how we select our raw material – carefully and very conscientiously! What comes from our own slaughtering is directly processed fresh by our butchers according to traditional recipes. And even though we work with modern hygiene and production techniques, it is the craftsmanship of our butchers that ultimately determines the quality of our products.

We believe that we in particular must give priority to the combination of animal welfare and quality. By the way, quality also depends on the proper husbandry conditions of the animals – our butchers in the receiving department can already tell from the cut pork leg how the animal was raised.

We obtain the meat for our Black Forest ham from our long-standing suppliers in Germany and neighboring EU countries.

Good food for those who like to eat good food
The best Black Forest ham and sausage specialties from our company are a hearty treat for all those who like to enjoy. Who take time for the special things in life and appreciate good food. For generations, we have been vouching for this pleasure with our name: ADLER.


Smoked, cooked or dried: ham has been a household name for many hundreds of years for people for whom the pig plays a dominant role as a source of meat. Originating from the need to preserve meat from winter slaughter for a longer period of time, ham developed into a delicacy with a very specific taste through artful salting, curing and smoking.

The taste and aroma of ham are based on many different factors: these include the craftsmanship of the butchers, the duration of production, the temperature and humidity during production, the salt used, the spices added and, last but not least, the quality of the raw material meat.

Black Forest Ham
Our Black Forest Ham is made from selected pork hams. It is finely seasoned according to traditional recipes and salted by hand. Then the hams rest for several weeks before being smoked with a mixture of fir brushwood, sawdust and wood chips from Black Forest conifers. A smoking period of three weeks gives the hams their typical smoke color. Afterwards they have to rest and ripen: After 12 weeks, the ham is ready for sale.

As a member of the Schutzverbands der Schwarzwälder Schinkenhersteller we are proud of the high quality of the Black Forest Ham PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and the traditional production in the region. Learn more…

Country ham
We season selected pork hams according to traditional recipes and salt them by hand. The specialties are lightly smoked for only a few days and matured for more than three months – then they have a nice mild taste and go wonderfully with hearty dishes.

Alemannic ham
The carefully selected raw material for the air-matured Alemannen ham is cut to size and the excess fat is removed. The wonderfully tender delicacy with a mild and light taste matures for six months and is a unique pleasure.

Farmer ham
We season selected pork hams according to traditional recipes and salt them by hand. The farmer’s ham matures for over three months in the fresh mountain air – then it is beautifully mild in taste and also goes wonderfully with hearty dishes.


Sustainability is not just a term for us, but the way we work. For example, we produce in the region for the region – and can thus maintain short distances. Another example: our ADLER Qualivo program. It stands for “food with heart and mind” with regional (Baden-Württemberg) rearing and production together with selected farmers.

Our Qualivo promise:
• tasty and tender
• short transport routes
• GMO-free feed
• keeping of the animals on straw or with free range
• slaughtering at ADLER
• distribution in the region

Energy management
Im Zuge der Nachhaltigkeitsbemühungen und der Energieproblematik in Deutschland haben wir uns entschieden, ein Energiemanagement-System zu installieren, das den Standard DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 erfüllt. Diese ISO Norm hilft, einen kontinuierlichen Verbesserungsprozess in unserem Unternehmen aufzubauen, der letztendlich zu einer effizienteren Energienutzung führt. Mit der Einführung des Energiemanagement-Systems allein ist es aber nicht getan – wir sehen darüber hinaus die Schulung und Förderung des Bewusstseins unserer Mitarbeiter als wesentlichen Erfolgsfaktor.