Adler Black Forest Ham

– The all-time classic –

It was way back in the 1950s when we coined the name of the regional specialty that is now known across the world as Black Forest ham. The designation is protected – only ham produced in our home is allowed to bear the name Schwarzwälder Schinken.

After tasting it just once, you will always be able to recognize genuine Black Forest ham, even with your eyes closed. Its delightful spicy flavor is unmistakable, as is the distinctive smoky color. It is produced from selected cuts from the leg of the hog. Finely seasoned and salted by hand according to traditional recipes, the ham remains in the salt for several weeks. After being smoked for three weeks over a mixture of fir brushwood, sawdust and wood chips from the Black Forest, it is left to rest and ripen. After 12 weeks the ham is ready for consumption – if stored properly it will keep for a long time.

Our Black Forest ham is available in several varieties: as a joint with or without rind, or sliced from the fresh food counter or self-service shelf.