Adler Black Forest Ham

– The classic –

As early as the 1950s, we coined the name of the regional specialty that is now known all over the world: Black Forest Ham. By the way, the name is protected – only ham from our region is allowed to bear the name “Black Forest Ham”.

Anyone who tries it once will recognize the genuine Black Forest ham from then on, even with their eyes closed: the wonderfully spicy taste is unmistakable. Just as typical is the special smoke color. It is made from selected pork hams. Finely seasoned according to traditional recipes and salted by hand, the ham remains in the salt for several weeks. Then it is smoked with a mixture of fir brushwood, sawdust and wood chips from Black Forest fir wood for three weeks. Now it has to rest and ripen. After 12 weeks, the ham is ready for consumption – and, if stored properly, will keep for a long time.

Our Black Forest ham is available in many varieties: in one piece, sliced, with or without rind, at the fresh food counter and on the self-service shelf.