Fried potatoes with black and liver sausage and


(4 servings)

Boil the potatoes with skin until they are almost cooked. Then peel and cut into not too thin slices.

Next, put plenty of oil with some butter in a pan and slowly fry the potatoes

slowly until they are crispy. Then remove them from the pan. Dice the onions

dice, core and slice the apple, fry both in the same pan with additional oil until translucent. Drain the fat, then return the potatoes, onions and apple to the pan. Dice the black pudding and liver sausage and warm them up nice and slow in the pan with the rest. Enjoy your meal!

500 g potatoes

300 g Adler Black Forest

Liver Sausage

300 g Adler Black Forest

Black sausage

1 onion

1 apple

1 tablespoon butter

oil, salt and pepper