Fondue variations with

Adler Qualivo beef and


(4 servings)

Fondue is traditionally considered one of the most popular holiday dishes of the Germans. Our Adler variation is prepared just like regular fondue by dicing and/or slicing almost all ingredients as desired.

Only pre-cook the broccoli until al dente, otherwise it will take too long. Just rinse and divide into florets. Arrange everything in bowls, fill the fondue pot with oil and heat it up. Now the ingredients can be cooked as desired with the fondue forks in the hot oil.

So there is something for every taste eagle enjoyment for the feast!

8 medium sized jacket potatoes

Vegetable oil for the

fondue machine

Qualivo beef

Qualivo pork

100 g mushrooms

½ broccoli

2 colorful peppers

100 g mini corn cobs

1 zucchini

100 g cherry tomatoes

¼ jar of mixed olives

1 fresh baguette

salt, colored pepper and