Fondue variations with Adler Qualivo beef and pork

(serves 4)

Fondue traditionally ranks among the most popular celebratory dishes in Germany. Our special Adler version is prepared just like a regular fondue insofar as practically all the ingredients are first diced or sliced.

Only the broccoli needs to be parboiled until al dente, otherwise it will take too long to fry. Simply rinse it and cut into florets first. Serve all the ingredients in separate bowls, add the oil to the fondue pot and heat the pot. Each of your guests can now cook the ingredients as desired in the hot oil, using a fondue fork.

When you’re celebrating, Adler has something for everyone to enjoy!

8 medium-sized unskinned potatoes

Vegetable oil for the fondue

Qualivo beef

Qualivo pork

100 g mushrooms

½ head of broccoli

2 colourful peppers

100 g baby corn

1 courgette

100 g cherry tomatoes

¼ jar mixed olives

1 fresh baguette

Salt, mixed peppercorns, nutmeg