Energy management
As part of the sustainability efforts and energy efficiency campaigns in Germany, ADLER has installed an energy management system. The system complies with the standard DIN EN ISO 50001:2011.
Energy Management Certificate

Reducing energy consumption
The optimized use of energy leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption. Training and promoting awareness of employees are key success factors in the perspective of the ADLER management.

Redirecting surplus thermal energy
The traditional family-run business does not only supply climate-friendly energy for its own production, it also provides surplus energy to homes in the region. The system is sophisticated and efficient: Only 8 megawatts of heat annually is required for the production, so a large amount of heat would be left unused if it wasn’t redirected into the local heating network for environmentally friendly heating.

Next up: solar energy
ADLER has set up a joint strategy with solar energy specialists for a future production of electricity by installing a large photovoltaic field.