Have you ever tried delicate, highly aromatic Black Forest ham with fresh bread? How about very tasty ham rolls with apple and kraut filling?
Our genuine Black Forest ham’s pronounced taste is smoky and highly aromatic, the original “Schwarzwälder Schinken” (German for “Black Forest ham”) is best enjoyed in thin slices, with some fresh bread, fresh fruit or as an ingredient of cooked dishes.

Culinary declaration of love for a region

When thinking of the Black Forest, you might imagine pure air, mountains densely wooded with tall fir trees, picturesque villages, hearty culinary specialties – and you’d be quite right!

As one of the most famous German delicacies, ADLER Black Forest Schinken has been deeply rooted in this beautiful scenery ever since the Adler family helped shape it in the 1960s.

The Black Forest itself gives our products their character

Fine smoke aromas of coniferous wood and lovingly composed spice blends that have been passed on over generations are as essential for ADLER’S award-winning specialties as meat of the best quality.

The stunningly tasty ADLER Black Forest Schinken takes regional ingredients, traditional recipes and more than three months to be processed and refined.

High-quality raw materials for fine delicacies

The Black Forest is famous for its culinary art. Many renowned restaurants embrace the variety of aromatic raw materials growing and thriving in our home region: They serve Rhine Valley’s fruit and wine, berries, mushrooms and game from lush forests as well as aromatic cured and smoked meat, of course.

Include a visit to ADLER in your holiday. We look forward to seeing you and encourage you to try our products!

Guten Appetit – enjoy!