Adler’s ham and sausage – confirmed enjoyment 

Very good taste gets very good grades

IFS-Logo-02.05International Food Standard IFS

The ADLER headquarters located in Bonndorf and the branch in Achern comply with the highest possible “Higher Level” standards, required for the IFS (International Food Standard) certification.

ADLER is the third German company to receive certification and allowance for exporting Black Forest ham into the US.

Earning A marks, the Achern branch (Schinkenhof GmbH und Co. KG) passed the BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification process.

QS-ZeichenCertificate for “Quality and Safety“

ADLER in Bonndorf is also certified for compliance with the QS criteria for meat and meat products in the category of “Slaughter and Portioning”.

Protection of Origin “Black Forest ham g.g.A.“

In 1997, the European Union registered the “Black Forest ham” as a PGI (protected geographic indication) for the protection and promotion of special typical regional products and foods with designation of origin.

Dr. Hansjörg Adler was significantly involved in making the protection of origin for Black Forest ham a reliable and relevant label. Since installing this regulation, only products that meet the criteria are entitled to be labelled “Black Forest ham”.

Strict and independent inspections that are conducted every year – for example the quality competition of the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG) (German Agricultural Society) – confirm the top quality of ADLER’s culinary delights.

Numerous awards (the DLG-Best of the Best in Gold among others) and the products have turned the specialist for sausage and ham originating from the Black Forest into an outstanding company of the German food industry.

For numerous years ADLER has successfully been asserting itself against all of its competitors in the field of dry-cured ham and was awarded first place by the DLG as the “best dry-cured ham manufacturer in Germany”.


Best of the Best Award (DLG)

ADLER received the “Best of the Best Gold 2009” award from the DLG. Only companies that have been awarded the highest DLG-awards for 15 years in a row without any interruption are granted this award. This prize clearly emphasises the higher than average quality standard of the manufactured products. Thus the DLG confirms that Adler is one of the very best companies in the German food industry.



In 2011 Adler won awards from the “Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft” (German Agricultural Association) for the following products:

Raw cured products

p_DLG-gold-25Black Forest ham

p_DLG-gold-25Black Forest ham, Cold cuts

p_DLG-gold-25Black Forest bacon narrow side

p_DLG-gold-25Filigrano – very delicately sliced bacon

p_DLG-gold-25Black Forest bacon broadside

p_DLG-gold-25Alemannian ham

p_DLG-gold-25Alemannian ham, sliced, ready to serve

p_DLG-gold-25Farmer’s ham, sliced, ready to serve

p_DLG-gold-25Black Forest Carre ham

p_DLG-gold-25Black Forest Ham, 350g Pieces

p_DLG-gold-25Black Forest Ham, Cold Cuts

p_DLG-gold-25Black Forest Snack Bacon

p_DLG-gold-25Cottage Ham, Diced

p_DLG-silber-25Black Forest Bacon, Broadside

p_DLG-gold-25Blackwood Ham, Pieces

p_DLG-gold-25Mountain Herbs Ham

p_DLG-silber-25Farmer’s Ham, Air-Dried Cold Cuts

p_DLG-silber-25Filigrano, Very Delicate Bacon

p_DLG-gold-25Black Forest Bacon, Narrow Side

p_DLG-gold-25Black Forest Ham

p_DLG-gold-25Country Ham, Cold Cuts

p_DLG-gold-25Belly Bacon

p_DLG-silber-25Alemannian Ham, sliced

p_DLG-gold-25Alemannian Ham, in one piece


Cooked cured products

p_DLG-gold-25Schäufele (shoulder of pork) sliced

p_DLG-gold-25Black Forest Schäufele

p_DLG-gold-25Boneless Shoulder of Pork

p_DLG-gold-25Shoulder of Pork in cooking bag

p_DLG-gold-25Shoulder of Pork, Sliced 150g


Raw sausage

p_DLG-gold-25Landjäger (spicy smoked sausage)

p_DLG-gold-25Qualivo Salami


Boiled Sausage


p_DLG-gold-25Paprika Lyoner


Cooked sausage

p_DLG-gold-25Black Forest Liverwurst in a Ring

p_DLG-gold-25Black Sausage in a Ring


Sausage Salads

p_DLG-gold-25Pork Sausage in Strips for Salad

p_DLG-gold-25Hungarian Sausage Salad

p_DLG-gold-25Swiss Sausage Salad