At ADLER, our internal quality assurance starts with the receipt of goods. This systematic and standardized process, supported by independent laboratories and experts, ensures that the operation complies with the strict certification norms of the current standards.

Our definition of quality: We deliver what we promise

We select our raw materials with the utmost time and care. Anything that comes from our own slaughter is always processed fresh by our butchers. Our traditional recipes are deep-rooted but our hygiene and production technologies are state-of-the-art. The most important thing is still, however, the special technical know-how of our butchers.

For our Black Forest Ham, we obtain our meat from suppliers we’ve dealt with for many years from Germany and neighboring European countries, such as Denmark. We place great importance on the highest quality when selecting raw meat, which depends on, among other things, proper housing conditions and stress-free procedures for the animals. This also goes for the tailored legs of pork: As buyer, we prioritize the connection between animal welfare and quality and our butchers recognize how the animal was kept upon receipt of goods.

Good food for those who like to eat well

Best Black Forest Ham and sausage specialties from our company are a hearty treat for anyone who likes to eat well. We can promise this in good conscience and we’ve guaranteed this with our name for generations: ADLER.