Quality, care, enjoyment

Original Black Forest sausage and ham specialties With ADLER Ham you can taste the quality of the ingredients, the care of the preparation and the dedication to enjoyment. Whether you opt for the hearty Black Forest Original, with its incomparable aroma and flavor, or would like to experience new ham trends: trends with milder or spicier notes, which the ham specialists ADLER also create for you. Discover your favorite products from the world of ADLER ham.

Regional enjoyment

This is how juicy and tender the Black Forest tastes Some may find the local delicacies that are inspiring more connoisseurs “exotic.” Typical Black Forest products combine tender, juicy meat which you can enjoy either warm or cold as a snack. For particularly easy heating, we offer the Black Forest “Schäufele” in a bag, too. Tradition meets innovation.

Smoked, cured, cooked – what would you like?

Black Forest Ham in all its diversity We produce the traditional "Black Forest Ham" as smoked ham from selected pork in the Black Forest: The fresh pork ham is delicately spiced, hand-salted and refined for three weeks in smoke. We offer it in one piece with or without the rind for cutting at the service counter. Sliced ham for self-service shelves is available or even in a gift box. Connoisseurs in the Black Forest expect even more ham types that are worth trying yourself – mild, yet spicy Baden breakfast ham, for example, or Alemannen ham and farmer ham as delicious air matured ham.

Bacon – a hearty Black Forest tradition

Crispy or very thinly sliced? Crisply fried bacon gives many dishes such as stew, burgers, salad, vegetables or scrambled eggs a wonderful flavor. Nevertheless, extremely thinly sliced Black Forest bacon on freshly baked bread develops a tasty smoky flavor.
Following a traditional recipe, the bacon is finely spiced, salted by hand and smoked over glowing pine needles and sawdust. Black Forest ADLER bacon tastes earthy, aromatic – and comes vacuum packed available in various pack sizes.

Hearty sausage delight from the Black Forest

Fresh from the sausage kitchen onto the table: culinary inspiration for every day The large variety of ADLER sausage products, select meat quality and loving attention to detail in the production of a family business ensure that every day a different delicacy enriches your meal, regardless of its size. Try our crunchy-spicy Landjägers – the perfect savory sausage snack for on the go. Bratwurst, pork knuckles, Lyoner, greaves sausage and liver sausage are delicious homemade specialties available in tins.