ADLER’s homemade sausage specialties

Freshly slaughtered meat and own seasoning compositions, which have been prevalent in this form in the Hochschwarzwald (upper Black Forest) for many generations, as well as carefully handcrafted preparation: these are the secrets of the natural flavour of ADLER sausage specialities. An own slaughtering abattoir and the reliability of our experienced butchers guarantee consistently high quality.

Landjäger (spicy smoked sausage) and other raw sausages

Apart from Landjäger (spicy smoked sausage) and salami, tea sausage spread or Mettwurst sausages also fall under the category of raw sausages. Within this product segment one distinguishes between so-called firm and spreadable raw sausages. All of these are manufactured from raw beef or pork, full-bodied bacon, salt and seasoning. The meat and bacon are minced in a cutter (cutting basin with rotating blades) until the right mincing degree has been attained. Then salt and other seasoning is added, after which the sausage meat can be filled into a sausage casing. The casings have to be permeable to water and steam as well as being elastic, since the sausages lose water and shrink in the course of the maturing. Some sorts of raw sausage are sold directly subsequent to the maturing, whilst others still continue drying in the smokehouse and thus gain their distinctive smoky aroma.

Schäufele (shoulder of pork) and other cooked cured products

Boiled ham, smoked pork and Schäufele (shoulder of pork) belong to the group of cooked cured products. The first step in the manufacturing process is the curing (salting down): In the course of this, the piece of meat is either placed in a brine bath or salted by spraying in the brine. The latter method, which is known as brine injection, ensures sufficient and even distribution of the salt in the meat. The meat develops its typical reddish coloring. The subsequent smoking or air-drying also increases the shelf life as well as intensifying the aroma. Pieces of meat that are pressed into a form after salting and then cooked are known as “boiled ham”.