The Black Forest – a paradise with mighty fir forests, romantic hills and picturesque lakes. As one of the most beautiful and diverse holiday regions in Germany, the Black Forest has unique recreational experiences for every visitor. It is synonymous with good, clear and healthy air, unspoiled nature and its warmhearted, genuine people. Of course, excellent cuisine is a central part of the Black Forest as are the “Bollenhut” hat, cherry cake and the cuckoo clock.

High-quality raw materials for fine delicacies

The fact that there are so many renowned restaurants here is also due to the extraordinarily high quality of the raw materials that grow and thrive here – ranging from fruit and wine from the Rhine Valley, berries, mushrooms and game from the lush forests to aromatic cured and smoked meat from the Black Forest that has been matured under climatically favorable conditions.

Refined with black forest wood

For refinement and enhancement of the diverse hearty meat dishes that originate here, the native forests provide the ideal basis: natural smoke flavors from Black Forest softwoods.

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